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Mission and strategy

Ferroglobe is the most globally competitive group in the materials innovation and electrometallurgical sector.

This principle has driven group companies since their foundation. That is why the group has always been fully committed to aspects such as customer service, achieving total quality, being self-financing as much as possible, providing highly competitive prices in all its services and products and acting with the highest levels of corporate responsibility.

Besides that, Ferroglobe also has priorities in terms of operating with the greatest possible respect for the environment and implementing policies to ensure a “zero accident rate” and optimal safety.

It order to achieve its mission, Ferroglobe has implemented a series of defined policies into its business strategies and that constitute the keystone of the Group’s development and growth, including:

  • Internationalization. Increasing its international presence is a strategic priority.
  • R&D and Innovation. Until now, the group has received awards for innovation, holds various patents and has important projects underway in the silicon industry.

Ferroglobe Corporate Strategy

The Ferroglobe corporate strategy is focused on achieving the previously-stated objectives by the following means:

  • Excellent programme of investments, cost savings and continuous productivity improvements, whilst ensuring solid and stable finances.
  • Development of new projects and products to reinforce its leadership, based on innovation and the development of new technologies as a key element.
  • Sustainable development as a fundamental strategy.
  • A solid commitment to the rules of corporate governance, whilst applying the principle of maximum transparency.
  • Guaranteeing to our customers, staff, contractors and neighbors the reliability of our activities in terms of:
    • Safety for staff and stakeholders
    • Security in processes and facilities
    • Environment and health conservation
    • Quality products and services
  • Financial sustainability
  • Strictly following the legal requirements in force and applicable to each centre, in accordance with its particularities and location
  • Maintaining fluid communications with suppliers, clients and public authorities and providing them and other stakeholders with reliable and transparent information on the products and their effects and the impact of the Group’s activities on the social and natural environment.

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