History of Sabón

In 1992 FerroAtlántica got in control of Sabón as part of the acquisition of Carburos Metálicos Ferroalloys Division. This meant a significant business boost for the plant, recovering productive resources and making new and important investments in the expansion and improvement of the existing installations as well as the construction of new facilities.

The factory has built-up surface of 124.600 m2 and an installed filtering area of 59.500 m2.

Plant facilities

  • One 39 MVA furnace with composite electrodes (ELSA) for producing SiMe
  • Two 48 MVA furnaces with composite electrodes (ELSA) for producing SiMe
  • Installations for refining SiMe
  • Corrective systems for collecting and filtering the emissions caused by the factory's activities
  • Installations for classifying and packaging SiMe and Silica Fume in accordance with the requirements of each client
  • A cogeneration plant with a rating of 6 MW, which transfers the hot gases so that they can be used in a wood dryer
  • Mechanical and electrical workshops
  • Laboratories fitted with the latest technologies and resources for controlling the characteristics and qualities of the raw materials, intermediate products and final products
  • Administrative offices


The factory is situated in the Northeast of Galicia, Spain, on the Sabón-Arteixo Industrial Estate. The access to the industrial park is made by the A-55 and the N-552 and the nearest airport is that of A Coruña.

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