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Silicio Ferrosolar

Silicio FerroSolar was created in 2008 to further develop purification technologies and to integrate all these technologies in a complete process to obtain Solar Grade Silicon to produce PV Solar Cells.

Some of the technologies developed are the Electromagnetic Cold Crucible (EMCC), Fast Segregation Systems (FSS), Induction Furnaces for silicon melting, Vacuum Furnace to remove volatile impurities and special crushing machines to avoid contamination.

Taking advantage of the Solar Project, Silicio FerroSolar is capable of producing High Purity Silicon Powders from 99,0% to 99,999%.  Within this group of products, we are continuously developing and improving our portfolio and we are actually engaged in the development of silicon for Anodes of Li-ion Batteries, silicon for thermoelectric generators (TEG), silicon for special ceramics (Si3N4, SiC, C-C/SiC) and NanoSilicon.

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