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Manganese alloys

As experts in ferroalloys, here in Ferroglobe we offer a wide range of Ferromanganse and Silicomanganese products which boost the quality and properties of our clients steelworks

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We produce different kind of manganese compounds, mainly for the steel industry.

It is remarkable that more than 90% of the manganese production worldwide goes to producing steel in the form of ferroalloys. Accordingly, it comes as no surprise that manganese demand is mainly driven by the expected evolution of steel production.

Currently the consumption of manganese alloys has been increasing, mainly due to the spike in steel output. The lion’s share of that production increase comes from China, but it is possible to extrapolate it to anywhere in the world.

What varieties are used?

A variety of manganese products can give steel different properties:

Ferromanganese is used as deoxidiser, desulphuriser and degasser of steel, to eliminate nitrogen and other hazardous elements that are found at the first melting of iron. It also improves mechanical properties such as hardenability and abrasion resistance from special steels. Nowadays, three grades of ferromanganese are applied in a large and growing number of industrial and consumer products:

  • Ferromanganese MC (FeMn MC)
  • Ferromanganese LC (MeMn LC)
  • Ferromanganese HC (FeMn HC)

Silicomanganese, which is obtained thorough manganese carbotermia and using quartzite as a source of silicon, is used as a steel deoxidiser. The contribution of manganese allows obtaining low carbon level steels which produces fine steel with a high grade of purity. Two main grades are produced:

  • Refined Siliconmanganese (SiMn AF)
  • Super refined Siliconmanganese (SiMn LC)


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