About Ferroglobe

About Ferroglobe

Ferroglobe is a global leader in advanced metallurgical products critical for hundreds of consumers and industrial applications supporting the sustainable advancement of society.   

The company is the largest merchant producer of silicon metal in the Western World, and a leading global producer of silicon-based alloys and manganese-based alloys. 

Ferroglobe is an essential and valued supplier to customers that are driving innovation and advancement across diversified end markets such as energy exploration and generation, technology infrastructure and computing, healthcare and medicine, personal care, global communications, aerospace and travel, and a number of other cutting-edge sectors critical for a better tomorrow.

The company combines state-of-the-art-technology in its production processes, our captive source of critical raw materials ingredients, and high level of customer service to provide our customers best-in-class quality, reliability, and superior degree of customer service.

Unrivalled technical expertise stems from generations of learnings and sharing of best practices.  Today, Ferroglobe has a unique asset footprint with 25 operating sites at global level; driving a culture centered on providing our customers the solutions they need to succeed in the future.

Our Strategic Objective
Our strategic objective is to become the reference in silicon metal and ferroalloys by innovating and creating value to all our stakeholders.
Our Values

We believe in a culture that stands for Collaboration, Leading Change, Respect and Ownership mindset as our fundamental Values which symbolize the unique personality of Ferroglobe and expresses our core behaviors, ethics and beliefs of our organization.

Leading Change
leading change
Our Transformation Story

In 2020, Ferroglobe embarked on a Transformation process to improve its global efficiency, long-term profitability and competitiveness. With the definition of a new Management Team and a new Strategic Plan, the company turnaround aimed to become the reference in silicon metal and ferroalloys worldwide.

The new Ferroglobe is a value-creating company for all key stakeholders, by focusing on innovation, digitalization and sustainability for the advancement of humanity.

The transformation of Ferroglobe is driven by a new corporate culture, with the objective of building One Company, One Brand and One Team, everywhere Ferroglobe operates. The company is transforming itself to reach its full potential in the following years.

Our Commitments
Health and Safety
health and safety
Customer & Quality Product Centric
product centric
Operational Excellence
operational excellence
Our Industrial Footprint
Industrial footprint map
Ferroglobe in figures
merchant producer in the western world (Silicon)
of global Silicon Metal Production Capacity
Global operations
electro-metallurgy production centers
Furnaces Worldwide
Billion of Sales per Annum
Our History

Ferroglobe PLC was born on December 23, 2015, out of the combination of the privately-owned Spanish company Grupo Ferroatlántica and the publicly listed US company Globe Specialty Metals (NASDAQ: GSM).

Despite having a short history as Ferroglobe, our assets and workforce and culture centred on excellence and continuous improvement have a long and rich history.


  • 1992

    ferro atlantica
  • 1996

    Cuarzos Industriales, SA Acquisition
    Hidro Nitro Española SA, Acquisition
  • 1998

    FerroVen SA, Acquisition
  • 2000

    RAMSA Acquisition
  • 2005

    Pechiney Électrométallurgie (Ferropem & Silicon Smelters) Acquisition
    Divestiture of Alloy Power
    Alloy, WV, Alabama Sand & Gravel, Al. and Alloy Power Acquisition
  • 2006

    Mendoza and San Luis, Acquisition
    Selma, Niagara and Beverly Acquisition
  • 2007

    Camargo Acquisition
  • 2008

    eMalahleni Acquisition
    Yonvey Acquisition
  • 2009

    Divestiture of Camargo, Brazil and 49% of Alloy
  • 2010

    Sinice Silicon Industries (Mangshi) Acquisition
    Core Metals, AL and MPM, IN Acquisition
  • 2011

    Alden Acquisition
  • 2012

    SamQuarz Acquisition
    Becancour Acquisition
  • 2014

    Siltech Acquisition
  • 2015

    Merger of FerroAtlantica and Globe Specialty Metals
    Mo I Rana and Dunkirk Acquisitions
  • 2018

    Divestiture of Hidro Nitro Española, S.A.
  • 2019

    Divestiture of FerroAtlantica, S.A.U
    Divestiture of Timberland Assets
    Divestiture of Ultracore Polska ZOO
  • 2021

    Divestiture of Niagara
  • 2022

    Divestiture of Siltech (pending)
Silica Fume
Silicon Metal