Research and development activities are carried out by the group’s affiliate Ferroglobe Innovation and performed by its highly qualified personnel with extensive experience and know-how. Ferroglobe has a long track record of innovation successes:

  • Electromagnetic casting in cold crucible.
  • Electrolytic Manganese
  • Cooper casting machine.
  • Composite electrode.
  • Silicon purification by vacuum treatment.
  • Solidification technologies for high purity silicon.
  • Mould powder INOPIPE® for ductile iron pipes.

Ferroglobe Innovation is equipped with:

  • Induction furnaces for air, slag, and inert atmosphere melting.
  • Electromagnetic Continuous Casting Furnace for high melting point materials.
  • Furnaces with vacuum and/or controlled atmosphere.
  • Ceramic crushing and milling equipment.
  • Sieving and classification equipment.
  • Micrometric and nanometric milling.
  • Silicon purification systems.
  • Equipped laboratory for high purity silicon and silicon alloys, including an optical microscope, Malvern laser diffraction analyser, ICP for chemical analysis and so on.
  • Equipment for the preparation of metallographic analysis.


In this facility, we can produce tailor-made solutions for different cutting-edge applications. We are ready to produce the next generation of advanced materials and alloys for the cleantech, energy storage and mobility markets, such as Thermal Energy Storage and Thermoelectrical Generators and Coolers (TEG/TEC).

Ferroglobe Innovation is an affiliate of Ferroglobe PLC devoted to research, development and innovation. As part of this Total Quality philosophy implemented by Ferroglobe, Ferroglobe Innovation is ISO 9001 certified. Here you can consult its Quality Policy.

Ferroglobe has consistently invested over the years in Research, Development and Innovation with numerous patents registered and even selling technology that is used on five continents. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology has contributed to the signing of cooperation agreements with universities and research centres all over the world and to have support for our research developments from European, national , regional and local public research programmes. Read more about our Research Developments.