Transformation is part of Ferroglobe's DNA. It has been our guiding light over the past decades, positioning the company as one of the world's leading producers of silicon metal and silicon and manganese-based alloys.

Change and continuous improvement are essential to ensure our competitiveness and long-term sustainability. Aware of this, at Ferroglobe we have gone a step further by launching our 2022-2026 ESG Strategy (Environmental, Social, Governance). A five-year roadmap that reinforces sustainability as a strategic pillar of the company, with the aim of generating shared value for society as a whole.

This strategy, which is already setting a new course for the company, is based on four strategic lines: strengthening our governance framework; promoting a solid and honest engagement with our people and the local communities where we operate; reinforcing the role of sustainability throughout our value chain; and finally, improving our environmental footprint to enable materials which are vital to sustainable development.

ESG STRATEGY 2022-2026
ESG aspects Strategic Lines Description

Corporate governance
1. Strengthening our governance framework Measures aimed at integrating sustainability into the Group's strategy, governance tools and organizational structure.

2. Promoting a solid & honest engagement with our people and local communities where we operate Actions aimed at achieving a corporate culture, based on Health & Safety as a top priority, and guided by the fundamental values of collaboration, leading change, respect and ownership.

Supply Chain

Commercial positioning
3. Reinforcing the role of sustainability throughout our value chain Measures to promote the integration of sustainability among Ferroglobe’s value chain, both upstream and downstream.

4. Improving our environmental footprint to enable materials which are vital for sustainable development Actions focused at reducing the environmental impacts of products and processes, and integrate the risks management approach to strength our resiliency and sustainability.

Sustainable Production

We are committed with the continuous improvement of the environmental performance across our worldwide operations, including the reduction of the environmental impact of our value chain, to contribute to the ecological transition of the economy.

  • Efficient usage of energy and natural resources. Continuous research and innovation to develop and implement the best available know-how and technology in electrometallurgical production, ensuring the responsible use of energy and natural resources.
  • Carbon footprint reduction. Committed to reduce the carbon footprint of our products and processes by promoting innovation, research and development of low fossil carbon technologies and extending our commitment throughout our whole value chain.
  • Circular Economy approach for raw materials and waste management. Implementing the principles of recycling, re-use and reduction, we minimize the environmental footprint of the production process and enhance the efficient use of natural resources.
  • Ensuring compliance with all the applicable regulations. Continuously monitoring the environmental performance according to the applicable permits and regulations and integrating the “prevention & control” principles in the environmental management of our operations.

Ferroglobe ESG Reports

Now, loyal to our commitment to transparency, we have published Ferroglobe's first ESG Annual Report. In this document we present our sustainable strategy in the environmental, social and corporate governance areas, but also, and more importantly, the objectives and goals we set ourselves to improve our performance and the path we will follow to achieve them.


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