Ferroglobe is guided by this Total Quality Philosophy, understanding quality not only as fulfilling specifications but also understanding products and customers and carrying out all necessary procedures to guarantee the highest quality performance.

As part of this Total Quality philosophy, Ferroglobe’s factories are all ISO 9001 and OHSAS certified, and most of them subscribe to EMAS (Environmental Management and Audit System).

Ferroglobe also encourages all its employees to be actively involved in the Total Quality programme.

Along these lines, Ferroglobe activities aim to obtain a maximum return for maximum competitiveness by:


  • Efficient use of resources and energy
  • Risk prevention and protection of employees’ safety and health
  • The care and constant concern for protecting and improving the environment, taking into account the priorities and minimizing the damage or environmental impact of activities



Ferroglobe promote a responsible environmental policy. This commitment is evidenced by numerous investments in environmental measures which represent 10% of Ferroglobe’s total investment in recent years. Environmental audits are also performed regularly in all factories in order to maintain and improve the degree of compliance with our environmental commitments.

In order to achieve these objectives, Ferroglobe has the following policies in place:

  • Compliance with all laws, legal requirements, regulations and standards applicable at any given time or any others stipulated in the future. This commitment extends to preventing any harm or negative effects on the health of its employees, and fulfilling clients’ specifications and expectations
  • Ensuring that the Integrated Management System (IMS) for the Prevention of Risks, Quality and the Environment works correctly
  • Improving the efficiency if IMS by establishing specific improvement targets
  • Implementing safety, environmental and quality criteria about contractors and suppliers, and ensuring that they likewise fulfil the principles of this policy and the IMS guidelines