Ferroglobe’s Health and Safety policy applies to all employees in the workplace and is an essential factor in the production and sale of ferroalloys. Following this policy is a shared responsibility of all the existing employees as well as new hires and subcontractors’ employees.

This policy seeks to ensure that all activities are carried out under adequate conditions in terms of environmental and workplace safety, safeguarding the health of employees, suppliers and the community. It also meets every legal requirement of the region in question.

Ferroglobe has implemented policies to ensure a “zero accident rate”.

The Group has implemented a Workplace Risk Prevention Management System based on reaching annual objectives. The key factors are:

  • The identification of dangers
  • The evaluation and control of risks and preventive actions

In order to guarantee the continuous improvement of the system, Ferroglobe will ensure that all employees participate and receive information on the subject, as well as sufficient and appropriate theoretical and practical training on the risks that specifically apply to their positions and the general factory risks to which they may be exposed.

H&S Corporate Policy