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Our Company

Ferroglobe is one of the leading materials innovation companies in the world

Currently, after completing the combination of FerroAtlántica and Globe Specialty Metals and their subsidiaries, Ferroglobe is one of the largest producers of a wide variety of metal alloys and other metallic products. The company uses state-of-the-art-technology in all its processes to provide the best products, which are critical ingredients in many industrial and consumer products. This business approach allows the company to be at the forefront of silicon-based alloys production, but also provide manganese, ferrosilicon alloys and silica fume among others. 

Moreover, it is remarkable that beyond metal-related industries, Ferroglobe is also involved in hydro-electrical power generation and mining, both of which are related to its core activities and which produce synergies that benefit the company.

Global presence with a wide range of products and customers all around the world

The Company is organized into several Business Areas (Electrometallurgy / Mining / Energy / Solar Photovoltaic Technologies) divided into Operational Units located all around the world in: Spain, United States, France, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Venezuela and China.

With this international infrastructure approach, Ferroglobe is able to deal with customers worldwide, providing excellent technical support thanks to highly trained professionals, and offering very fast deliveries. Some of Ferroglobe customers’ industries are: chemical silicon, aluminum and steel manufacturers, producers of photovoltaic solar cells and computer chips, the auto industry, ductile iron foundries, concrete and building material producers.

Our origins and future

On the one hand, FerroAtlántica group's history dates back to 1992, with the acquisition by Juan-Miguel Villar Mir of Ferroalloys Division of Carburos Metálicos Group, becoming FerroAtlántica on the 4th of December of that year. This company went on to acquire other businesses until Grupo FerroAtlántica was founded in 2007, integrating all the companies acquired up to that date in Spain, Venezuela, France and South Africa.

On the other hand, Globe was founded in December 2004 as International Metal Enterprises, Inc., an investment company established specifically to acquire operating companies in the metal industry. It raised USD $200 million in equity capital from a diverse group of financial institutions and listed shares on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market in October 2005. In November 2006, it acquired Globe Metallurgical, Inc. (GMI), the largest silicon metal manufacturer in North America and largest specialty ferroalloy manufacturer in the United States, with a corporate history dating back to 1871.

With time, both companies realised that they could embrace synergies through a merger, with many remarkable points such as:

  • Reduction in combined corporate overhead expenses
  • Ability to provide a more diversified suite of products to meet demand in growing-end markets
  • Energy division adds intrinsic hedge to potential power price inflation
  • Optimisation of product flows enables faster delivery times and improved customer service
  • Improved ability to serve international customers with combined global platform

The following illustration highlights all the most remarkable milestones for both companies.

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