The ferroalloys plant was built in the 1930’s and began production on site in 1934 by Union Carbide. At its origin it produced most ferroalloys, but in the 1980’s began to focus on ferrosilicon and silicon metal. Silicon Metal has been the main product since 1990 with production through carbothermal reduction. Plant was formerly operated by Union Carbide until 1981, by Elkem from 1981 until 2005, and by Globe since 2005. The plant is currently operated as a joint venture with Globe and Dow Corning.



  • One 32 MW furnace, equipped with 6 electrode columns with conventional prebaked carbon electrodes
  • One 22 MW furnace with six electrode columns with conventional prebaked carbon electrodes
  • Three 22 MW furnaces with rectangular prebaked carbon packet electrodes
  • Two crushing systems for silicon metal (one for chemical market and one primarily for the Aluminum customers)
  • Three silo installations for densifying silica fume


The factory is situated on the Kanawha River in Alloy, West Virginia, USA. It is at a distance of 50 km east of Charleston, W.V. in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. The access road is US 60 and the closest airport is Charleston’s Yeager Airport.



silicon metal
Silicon Metal
Silica Fume

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