The Metallurgical Process Materials (MPM) facility in Aurora was built in 1990 by Applied Industrial Materials Corporation (Aimcor) to produce specialty blends used for the desulfurization of steel and slag conditioning by the North American steel producers. Globe Specialty Metals acquired the facility as part of the purchase of the Core Metals Group from Ospraie Investors in March 2010



  • Dry Bulk Storage and Bulk Load Out Facilities
  • Computerized mixing and transport system for custom blending of Metallurgical Process materials
  • Rotary Kiln Drying Circuit to remove moisture from various key raw materials
  • Briquetting production circuit to convert various blended products to briquette form
  • Packaging Circuits for filling of paper bags and Super Sacks to customer specified  weights


The facility is located in Southeast Indiana in the town of Aurora which is located near the Ohio River off US highway 50. The plant can be serviced via truck, barge and the CSX Railway



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