Globe Beverly traces it roots back to 1871 when Globe Iron Company was formed with a blast furnace in Jackson, Ohio. The current Beverly site in began in 1953 with 4 small submerged arc furnaces. Globe merged with Interlake Iron Corporation in 1956, and added 2 larger submerged arc furnaces between 1968 and 1970. The Beverly plant which is part of Globe Metallurgical, Inc. later became part of Globe Specialty Metals in 2006.



  • 5 furnace operation with 2 separate furnace buildings
  • Three FeSi furnaces ranging from 10 to 12 MW
  • Two FeSi/Silicon 20 MW furnaces
  • The plant has 2 separate crushing and sizing facilities and 1 fine sizing crushing facility
  • Two reverse air baghouses
  • The Beverly plant also has the capability of producing a wide range of alloys, including Silicon, Ferro Silicon, Magnesium Ferro Silicon, Inoculants, and Ultra-Pure Silicon


The Plant is located in the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains along the Muskingum river in Beverly, Ohio. The nearest airport is Port Columbus International in Columbus, Ohio.



silicon metal
Silicon Metal
Foundry Products
Silica Fume

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