In 1965 furnace #1 was built to supply ferrosilicon for the magnesium operation at the Selma plant site. The magnesium plant was shut down in 1965, but the furnace continued to produce ferrosilicon (75%). In 1973 Globe Metallurgical Inc., a subsidiary of Interlake Steel purchased the furnace from Calumet-Hecla. At that time it was producing ferrosilicon but was converted to silicon metal. In 1974 furnace #2 was built by Globe and started operation in 1975 producing silicon metal.



  • One 18.5 MW furnace and one 19.5 MW furnace, both equipped with 1146mm graphite electrodes
  • Two baghouses
  • One crushing-screening line for silicon metal
  • Two installations for densifying silicon fume
  • Robotic system for bagging silicon fume


The Selma plant is situated on the bank of Alabama River east of Selma, Al. The plant is within the jurisdiction of Selma on County Road 56 and is 45 miles west of the State Capital of Montgomery.


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