Pulverized Products

We boast a production team that includes some of the world’s leading experts in carbon and graphite manufacturing technology, as well as knowledgeable and experienced technical service professionals. They seek to meet the highest standards of the industry and provide the best support to get the best performance from our electrodes.


What are Pulverized products and how are they obtained?

We offer some of our different ferroalloys on powder form for those clients who may need them.

In order to reach the desired size, the products need to be sharply milt in a rolling mill. All this process needs to be carried out in a controlled atmosphere of nitrogen.

Passivizing Ferromanganese requires of an electric rotatory furnace that put down the pulverized products to a controlled temperature.

Where can these pulverized products be used?

These products are used in the welding industry, as raw material and in the production of welding electrodes. This kind of use requires a pulverisation in which the grain size is in the order of micras. In some qualities of ferromanganese a passivising treatment is needed that gives the product a controlled superficial oxidation.