Boo plant, founded in 1913, is located in Cantabria. With a surface of 174.000 m2, the factory was originally designed to manufacture Calcium Carbide and after several modifications and extensions, it currently produces ferroalloys, specifically Ferromanganese, Silicomanganese and Refined Ferromanganese. The plant is fully committed to achieve the highest competitive level in all areas of its business, by ensuring that all the environmental and energy resources are used efficiently, by protecting the health and safety of its employees and preventing all potential risks in the workplace and by respecting and improving the environment. All activities that contribute to reduce the environmental effects of all its processes are given the highest priority and are part of a continuous and ongoing process of improvement.



  • Four submerged electric arc furnaces (20, 30 and 2×35 MVA) for the production of FeMn and SiMn.
  • One 3 MVA tilting furnace used to manufacture FeMn MC
  • One crushing and classification facility for all the products with a capacity of 150 t/h
  • One cogeneration plant with a rating of 6 MW
  • One plant for making briquettes from fine materials


Boo factory has an ideal location for exporting to the European and global market, as it is very close to the Port of Santander (Cantabria, Spain), to the Spanish railway system and it is at a distance of less than 200 km from the biggest national consumers.

It is 5 km away from the Port of Santander and 12 km from Torrelavega. The access road is the N-635 and the closest airport is Santander.



mn alloys
Manganese Alloys

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